Selfie Magical – Jumpin’ Jenny

Ok … I did it.  I took an opportunity and ran with it.  I absolutely wanted to do this [last] weeks JUMP with Elena over at Selfie Saturday.  You gotta be able to laugh at yourself occasionally, right?  I received my remote in the mail and that finalized it, I was going to JUMP for the camera!

I learned you CAN take your tripod and camera with you to your Zumba class and use the beautifully lit room to JUMP your cares away!  My Zumba instructor was laughing at the pics, but she thought it was fun! She asked me to try some Zumba moves and photograph.  So I did … that is STILL not photo worthy, sorry folks.  No one needs to see themselves flash frozen in a mid hip swing.

So here we go:  Jumpin’ Jenny! I did it!


Just Jump for the JOY!

And not only did I do it, but decided to be a big goofball near the end and:


Boop-die-doop! Playtime shouldn't be forgotten!

Happy Friday to all!!
Hope you had a wonderful week
and you remember to play every once in a while
and just JUMP for JOY!

OH and… Well ~ I found out the hard way – don’t jump in your A-frame ceiling room.  It’s painful.  I had to share [this was the day before, my first attempt] :   See? Not a good idea, that would be my arm and head whacking into the ceiling in case you can’t tell.

Linking up with Click-It-Up a Notch ::  I learned that Manual Settings rock!  See the blur in my foot?  Even the Canon’s built in Sports mode couldn’t keep up.  Thank you so much Courtney for giving me the tips and push forward to switch to M and get the shots I want!

Click it Up a Notch

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  1. These are *great*! They look like so much fun- and I’m glad you decided to make the plunge into Manual– you’ll never look back!

    • ostranderblog

      Hi there, took me a minute to realize you were the same blog as I saw on Click It Up! Love your sewing blog too!

  2. Rita Ostrander

    Your photos are amazing! I love this one and the energy that you capture .I look forward to your blogs and pics when I log on .Happy Mother’s Day ..

    • ostranderblog

      Thank you Rita!!! This was seriously so much fun, and actually a pretty good workout, going through the 50 photos of me in mid jump or goofy face was HILARIOUS. Fletch was just shaking his head.

  3. I absolutely love how much control you had over the expression on your face! That first one is great… and yeah, I also found out that jumping indoors can be painful.

    And! I love that you cloned in all of your reflections too! :)

    • ostranderblog

      LOL, oh lordy you should see some of the expressions I deleted Good gawd! ;) Seriously though you do have to share your silhouette jump settings :)

  4. Those are awesome…way impressive…and thanks for the tip about the ceiling:)

  5. awesome jump shots! Jump shots are my new favorite thing to shoot–they are so much fun!

  6. Fantastic! And I love how you not only cloned yourself, but cloned your reflection too. Fantastic attention to detail!!! Or are you really triplets?

    • I was going to say the same thing! Amazing work with that second shot!

    • Oops! I did not mean to comment with my WordPress login!

      Great shots! I was going to say the same thing as Kimberly. Amazing work on the second shot!

  7. Dance studio jump- that’s awesome! All the mirrors…just great!
    And muuuuaaahahahahaha at your indoor ceiling jump- almost died laughing!

    • ostranderblog

      LOL THANKS Elena… both for the compliment and letting me know you had a good laugh ;) heheh

  8. Very funny – I love how you had fun with it!

    • ostranderblog

      Hehe, my Zumba instructor thinks I’m insane now ;) But I really did! It was amazing how much stress I let lose on this!

  9. These are so much fun, Jenny! I don’t think that I would have worked up the courage to take photos in a dance studio, so good for you! :)

  10. hehehe!! Good for you!! And yes, manual rocks for these!! :) Your shots are adorable. I’ve never been happy enough to even laugh at my jumping shots…

    And ouch! I used to live in an a-frame house… was always bumping my head… I never got used to the low ceilings.

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