Burgerfest Regensburg

This had to have been one of the FUNNEST Fests I have ever attended in Germany so far.  Without a doubt.  From the moment you hit the pedestrian walk just a few blocks from the Hauptbahnhof.  This fest wasn’t just a beer tent, in fact; there wasn’t a beer tent to be found.  Don’t get me wrong, there was beer… just at this fest it was around every corner of the Altstadt streets.  As was all of the food vendors, from German to Chinese – Turkish food – Pigs on a grill – Doners – the list goes on for the fabulous food.  Not to mention the craft booths!

Burgerfest in Regensburg from 24 to 26 June. Every two years Regensburg has a street festival – and 2011 is a civic festival year. “We are Regensburg!” Is the motto of the festival citizens 2011th.  With the citizens’ festival … They celebrate the beauty and vibrancy of Regensburg.

The winding streets and open spaces of the UNESCO world heritage festival is host to the citizen on the stage.  It is versatile: Colorful stalls with crafts, local delicacies for all tastes, performances for both small and big guests and a lot of music … the variety is no end set in 2011.

Whether it be wine and beer pavilion outdoor tables, ‘COMPANY is a top priority.  Guests from near and far are welcome. For 30 years, the street festival known far beyond the borders of Regensburg and is without doubt the highlight of the year in the region.

We arrived around 1400 and set off to find the Weltenburg bier vendor, its our favorite Dunkel [dark] bier.  It wasn’t far from the Cathedral of St. Peter.  The Gray’s are fabulous traveling companions, they like to enjoy the fests like we do and our curious inspection of the city and people is always a fun time.   Plus we had a newly arrived in country Soldier to show the city.  And it couldn’t have been a better day, even if the weather kept threatening rain.

At one of the stands that had a display we came up on the creepiest ‘Teufeln” or Devils.  The sinister faces glared from their positions you can see them online at  Oberfalzer Schlossteufeln.

Our new friend had no problems chatting it up with the locals.  We were standing in front of one of the bands chatting when a couple stopped him to ask where he was from?  Their daughter lived in San Francisco and stories were swapped.

Soon we needed a refill and decided to walk back to the Weltenburg stand, this took us past the Teufeln display, only this time.  One was moving about.  I handed my camera to Fletch hoping to see if we could pose with the Devil.  As I was working to show him auto, I heard a scraping and clang.  My hair stood up on my neck and I turned to look straight into an evil face, claws were reaching towards me.  I couldn’t help but scream out and back away from him, and of course Renee was much help by laughing and saying “I haven’t been bad!” [ There is a story with these Devils that they will come after the "bad" children ] As soon as he heard her speak his head swiveled in her direction.  As Fletch snapped photos I started to laugh, but quite honestly I still felt a little terrified inside

Bier steins refilled we headed toward the river, passing the hat makers shop he had his display out.  There were quite a few hat wearers about the city.   And crazy hats!  He was making a mans hat as we watched, using old tools that had probably been in his business for over a hundred years.  Within minutes he had the band on and was shaping the top of the hat.  Quite lovely.
IMG_5258 copy

We walked to the river, passing the oldest Wurstkuchen [Sausage Kitchen] and in front of us stood the old bridge.  The water moving swiftly on this over cast day.  A perfect back drop to a few photos before we continued on to go back into the city.


Renee & I needed to stop at the Asian grocery and the Ziegler shop for cooking oils, it was Saturday so the stores were all still open too.


This brought us past another stage with band, and we stopped to sample the food here.  I had a very tasty Crepe.  After our purchases were made we headed toward the Kneitinger brauhaus that Renee & Nate had found on one of their travels to Regensburg.  The table we found was one row in and allowed us to listen to the band, I went up closer for photos, and ended up snapping a few of a couple that was dancing in front of the stage.  I had the chance to chat with her  a little and she said they “LOVED to dance” and took the chance to dance whenever they could.  How fabulous!


We went inside the brauhaus in order to enjoy their dark brew, and also to get out of the weather for a little while.
We were soon in discussion with several locals who explained the fest and the hats.  Since it was a crazy fest, you had to have a crazy hat!


So much fun to talk to everyone and it seemed with this fest, there was a more open and frivolous feel to enjoy talking to each other and  embrace the moment.  Renee and I found ourselves dancing as we walked the streets arm in arm, singing to the songs we heard from the bands along the way.

The evening was ended with a band under the bridge and the must have Doners.  There are so many other thoughts I had yesterday that I wish I could recall, joyous moments to share that this morning are just blended into the views, scenes, and people of yesterday.


I’m almost saddened that this style fest is only every other year.  It is worthy of doing every year, but I’m sure coordinating it might take those two years! It literally was over the entire Altstadt.  If you get the chance. GO!

This seemed to fit nicely with Leigh’s Happiness project… Keeping a smile on:

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  1. I’m glad you had an awesome time! Everything looks like it was so much fun and the hats are awesome!

    I would love to take my husband to one of these fests one day as he loves German beer and food. I went to a historical fair thing in the town nearby where I was staying on exchange and it was similar except that everyone was wearing historical costumes and there were knights and stuff. It was so much fun and very ridiculous!

    • The medieval fests are pretty cool looking, we’ve been to a couple. I love the traditional Bayern fests. LOL ridiculous works too. ;)

  2. Great photos. Also wanted to say that I love the new blog look!

  3. most definatley on my list of places to visit now!!!

  4. I am planning to have a visit to Regensburg city. I have heard a lot about festivals in Regensburg and I have collected some information also. Before reading your article I had very little information about Burger festival. Your article is really much informative and it sounds like this festival is just made for food loving people like me.
    I went through a video about festivals in Regensburg. Just have a look at the link below which gives best introductory information about festivals in Regensburg.

    Thank for this informative post.

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