DC Delays, delayed

Yes so a bit ironic that my post on my lovely adventure home is about 5 days delayed ;)

So there we were, a little band of travelers, all with a similar destination trying to figure out what was going on with our flight. While many flights were indeed canceled, our flight mysteriously just had no information available. It was like each one of us as we pulled together had a piece of the puzzle:

Icy rain, the domino delay of too many flights. US Airways called earlier when the flight was delayed with an automated: “Your scheduled flight has been delayed due to weather” Grrrreaaat – so what’s the plan? I had to get home tonight. HAD. TO. I had formation in the morning and formation was a mandatory be at it or FTR (Failure to Report, and many of you would think of the term AWOL).

My DH stayed in the airport on the other side of security waiting. Seriously wonderful thought that if I did get stuck there, while the backlash of missing formation would NOT be on my top 5 list of bad things I’d want to happen? At least I’d have a bed to sleep in. But the stress cycle began. I don’t like NOT being in control of my options, so of course not only was I in a hyperstate mode of wanting to know what was going on, but I began alternate planning. Greyhound bus departed at 2100 but didn’t get to Augusta till 0900, not good. Rental car meant having to drive in slushy crappy weather for probably about 2 hours before I got out of the ice storm zone, DH was having none of that idea. So I waited, and paced.

So an hour after the flight (scheduled for 1700) was set to go, good news. Weather was looking better we had an opportunity! YEA! 1748 All rush and get on the plane! People were taking there sweet time putting things up, kept un-clicking their seat belts to retrieve items. I was like come on! Sit down, lets go!!! Texts with my DH were flying, as he got into his Jeep (which did NOT need to de-ice) I was sitting. And waiting…

      Sitting out waiting for the de-ice = 40 minutes
      Finding out because you sat for so long you might not have enough fuel now = 5 minutes
      Confirming that you’d have to go back to gate, refuel and de-ice AGAIN? PRICELESS.
Ice on the wings at DIA

Photo by George Kelly – allaboutgeorge click to view his Flickr Photos

Meanwhile our jaunty group of travelers was hoping for an adult cocktail – did you know they can’t server a cocktail unless they are in the air?! WTH – you would think that this might be a GOOD idea. The pilot seemed intent on giving us a play by play, all it did was make me feel like he was extremely cautious or not that well seasoned of a pilot (ie: miscalculating fuel). Though as slow as it took him to get out to the de-ice station the return to fuel was pretty quick, and we didn’t have to get off the plane. AND we ALL got another phone call from US Airways informing us that our flight was delayed to 2015. The unison of phones ringing as soon as we parked at the gate & got permission to turn on our phone was a welcome humorous break in the strained silence we had lapsed into on our return. Why – thank you? I must say through it all our flight attendant Yvonne maintained a good sense of humor.

So at 2110 we were actually out on the runway, queued up to fly. I even sent a text to my DH “Rolling down the runway!!” before shutting my phone off in full expectation that we would be lifting off: 2132? We were informed that our flight plan had expired. The pilot even said “You can’t make this stuff up” – no, no you can’t.  But telling us he had to recalculate fuel again?  Almost caused a riot on the plane.  Thankfully we were still good and off we rolled, lifting up into rough and rocky skies.  The entire plane clapped and cheered as the tires lifted off the runway and the plane surged into the sky.  Unfortunately,  turbulence stayed with us for a good 20 minutes before we were able to enjoy an adult beverage and relax.  Yvonne was cheery and cracking jokes, people on the flight relaxed, conversations between passengers continued as we had formed a bond.

It gives me hope that in time of stressful travel like this, that people can actually form mini bonds to support each other.  Watching bags, swapping numbers to allow you to wander but still keep updated.  Helping out with kids, offering to pick up water when you head off to a shop.

So at 2312 I am arriving in Georgia, with its overcast skies, and a surprisingly chilly 35 degrees. Oh yea, formation at 0600 will suck, it will suck super big. Let me think? Shall I run? Oh yeaaaa. No not really. All I want to do is go to bed.


Luckily I have caught up on sleep and was able to enjoy Hot Yoga last night. I finally feel as though I’ve recovered. Happy Hump Day, I do so hope none of you were caught up in the horrible icy weather that trapped and delayed hundreds if not thousands on the East Coast and Texas.

How do you handle flight delays? Delays in travel?  Does it cause the stress factors to go up?  I can’t even read the book I brought to keep me busy I’m so busy trying to make the whole process move forward.  Kinda like an ant trying to move a tree trunk on her own …

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  1. My deepest sympathies to everyone caught in transit during these winter storms. It is sooooo frustrating and the feeling of helplessness is overwhelming. Safe travels!!!

    • I know as frustrating as my 5 hours were the people who spent days trying to get home have my deepest heartfelt sympathies for the frustration they dealt with :(

      I think that helplessness is the hardest part for me. Your just at the mercy of Mother Nature.


  2. Ugh, an ant trying to move a tree trunk– I know the feeling! Travel delays are so frustrating, and that feeling of not being in control drives me nuts as well!

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