Lights of the South

It’s the most wonderful time of the year….

And my first Holiday Season back in the US of A since – wow 2007? Craziness! So why has it been so hard to get into the “SPIRIT” I have bought 2 presents, TWO.  One of which is still sitting in my apartment and has yet to be mailed and probably won’t make it till – Valentines? ‘eh, why not?  I have looked online, I have looked in Malls.  I feel like I’m forcing the joy of Christmas into a shopping spree, and I don’t wanna shop.  Did I mention I hate, hate-HATE, the American Mall?  Seriously.  Not only is it the most enclosed crazy collection of mission focused “must buy something” people I have seen to date, but the teenage escape from home mecca.  It’s just not my thing. And the goods to purchase?   Are the same vanilla goods you can find everywhere.  EVERYWHERE, I can walk into any mall from California to Georgia and its the same cookie cutter crap.  B-O-R-I-N-G!  But I’m just not a DIY kind of gal, well not this year.   Nor do I have the time for it with studies and … who am I kidding I’m sure I could have made the time. But Christmas is supposed to be about the spirit and joy of wanting to give or do things for, right?   I’m just looking forward to the spirit and joy of being with the people I love.

Last night I really felt a little of what I’ve been looking forward to in the Holiday Season, we went to the “Lights of the South” holiday light display.   It was so perfectly fun, granted for some reason Augusta is having a heat wave in December.   No snow on the ground here.   But walking up to the entrance of the lighted path, the smell of firewood in the air, the sound of children laughing, a group even walked by singing a Christmas tune.   It finally felt like the Holiday was really here.   And none of it required a mall or an online shop.

Over 5 Million Lights

Throughout the 100 Acre Forest

Plenty of great food, sweets, & beverages!

Lights of the South

Pretty Princess Castle the spot to take a photo it was so well lit

Lights of the South

The childlike wonder of the belief of all things Christmas Magic

Lights of the South

Christmas tree lane

Lights of the South

For the Patriotic at Heart there was a lane dedicated to the military

Lights of the South

Total OOPSIE with the tripod photo but I loved it!

Lights of the South

Dear Santa, I want a red rider BB Gun!

Lights of the South

Just MOI happily enjoying the sparkle, do you ever look at the lights and unfocus your eyes?


Happy Ho Ho to everyone! May you have a wonderful and joyous Christmas.
A few more fotos on my Flickr site to see …

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Husband and Wife duo. Both military, married since 2007! Best friends we begin our journey together. Enjoy the ride with us!!

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  1. You and I must be balancing out each other in the universe. Normally it’s me who is in a bah-humbug kind of mood around Christmas, but this year I’m totally into it … all of it – shopping, decorating, baking cookies …
    As usual, LOVE your pictures!
    Merry Christmas!!

    • As long as there is balance I the universe ;). I’m ok with it! Lol I’m so glad you are into it this year… It kind of snuck up on me I guess!! Thank you!! Merry Christmas


  2. I did all my shopping online this year which is much easier in my opinion. Those lights are fantastic! I bet they could brighten anyone’s day.

    • LOL I got home today after trying the shops one more time and went online and got all the shopping done as well. Oh they did!! :) Hope you have a joyous Christmas!

  3. What an awesome place! I always decorate my house inside and out the weekend after thanksgiving. Put the lights on the tree all day long and play Xmas music as much as possible. It helps me to enjoy the season. I also pick up gifts starting in September at unique individual shops and craft fairs. I don’t always know who it will be for buy if I like it and the price is right I grab it and set it aside. I never ever ever go to Malls! Hate and despise them. I find by getting the decorating and a bulk of the shopping out of the way early I can focus on time spent with family and friends even before the holiday and just enjoy the season! I guess I’m saying I set the ambiance and just take things slow. I love the holidays.

    • I am so sorry I didn’t respond to you earlier! I love the ideas you have, I love the idea of picking up fun crafty gifts without forcing who they are for and having a choice of unique home made surprises to share. Once I got home for the holidays I was able to slow it down a little but as the years continue to rush on by I must embrace the take it slow~ I hope you had a very Merry Christmas

  4. Happy for you that you’ve been inspired and are now feeling some holiday magic. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous light show. Merry Christmas….

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