In review: Phantom of the Opera


Christmas Morning this ticket in my hand had me attacking my hubby with kisses


DH and I at intermission from our seats

The cast was spectacular their voices were truly beautiful and the costumes! The costumes were divine. The colors and drama on the stage raised my emotions on many occasions. I was enthralled at how much action and effect could be brought to the live stage. Particularly the underground boat scene where the candles rise from the stage in the fog as the boat the Phantom steers with Christine as his pupil makes it’s way to his hiding place.


The Masquerade scene :: Photos by JennyO [just no watermark from iPad!]

The theater was gorgeous as well. I am unsure of its age but it felt as though I could imagine days gone by and ladies and gentleman in their finery. The staff impressed me with the complete zero tolerance of the use of cell phones and cameras. Any flicker or glow was met by a flashlight in your face. One negative was intermission. The lowering of the curtain was met by a few minutes of confused silence as we all sat in our seats wondering if this was the long awaited for break. Yes, they have a bar and you are allowed to have your tasty adult beverage in your plastic Phantom souvenir glass for a mere $5 charge. But I go astray – so no bells or chimes to indicate intermission nor were we sure how long that intermission was. All we knew was the lights began I dim, the curtain rose, and the flashlights came out in full force commanding you to your seat and sternly demanding cell phones be turned off once more.

Besides our little confusion the opera was breathtaking and a fantastic break from the digital age of movies for our entertainment needs. I had asked my husband for years that if we got the chance I would dearly love to see this Broadway show, and this Christmas he made my wish come true.


The final bow :: Photo by JennyO [no watermark from my iPad!]

Another Bucket list item – CHECK!

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  1. Wow, that’s a pretty amazing surprise from your DH! I’ve never been to the opera, but I remember I got the surprise of tix to Alvin Ailey one birthday. It was such a thoughtful gift that I knew my DH wasn’t as excited to see, but did it for me. Happy New Year Jenny O!! xo

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