Well Hello 2014

I’ve begun writing my intentions, and in doing so I’m finding its not going to be like creating a list of “Goals” or a “Resolution.” Its deeper than that, and its a little like cleaning out the attic. You pull out a box fully intending it to be a quick sort to send to Goodwill, trash, or keep. Next thing you know the sun has slipped past the windows, the shadows have deepened, and the day is gone. More work to do the next day.

I am Extraordinary!

I am Extraordinary!

My first “assignment” was to brainstorm descriptive words about myself, some turned into little descriptions, while some words became statements about what I envision me being.

Try it, get a blank page, turn off that negative voice and just let you describe who you think you are without the fear that someone will say “well aren’t you self centered!” It is liberating. And when I got done, I took a deep breath and shared it with my DH. He looked at me after he read it, and said “This is what I see you as already.” One of the most amazing and heart swelling moments we have had, I felt like doing a happy dance. Maybe I should have! ;)

Ahhh, 2014? I think we are going to be a more loving year. Let me know if you think this is something you would like to try or that you have done before. Any recommends on this journey?

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  1. That sounds like a great exercise. So happy your husband/boyfriend is so sweet to you! Happy 2014!

  2. It’s still not too late for the happy dance :)

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