Critter Harrassment

I had hoped to post yesterday, but a surprise evening out with old friends of my hubster trumped returning home last night, even with the warnings of a snow blizzard coming in, we took the chance with the early afternoon window and arrived at Maggy McFly’s for a fun evening rehashing old stories and being told little known high school event tales about my husband. ;)

Prior to arriving we had an hour to kill and DH had asked what I’d like to do. I had grabbed my camera when we were leaving the house in the hope to grab some snow photos, so here was my chance. He laughed and said do you want to get in some “Critter Harassment” his running joke that I use my camera like a weapon, stalking my prey. You can almost hear the old running Steve Irwin documentary “As Jenny moves in for her fully composed shot, a docile goose turns throat punching her as the others escape to safety!” LOL okay I didn’t get throat punched by a goose, the Canadian Geese are a little less likely it seems to come at you, or maybe its because they don’t have their babies to protect. (yes I have been chased by a Momma Goose when I got to close for a photo of her fuzzy kidlet).

We stopped at a park near Meridan, CT and I hopped out. I remember having come here before for a Christmas drive to see the lights they have set up. Its a lovely park, and I wasn’t alone in the desire to photograph its beauty. Another woman with her hubby at the wheel parked next to us and hopped out with her camera. While she went towards the snowy trees I circled around the side of the frozen lake and began “stalking” ;)

Snowy Days in CT

Snowy Days in CT

Snowy Days in CT

Snowy Days in CT

Snowy Days in CT

All photos are SOOC and are mine, as I’m still working from my iPad and the have yet to find a photo app I truly like that can watermark my photos, I’ve gone back to basics. Hope you are staying warm and safe. Wish us luck on our travels home tonight being on time!

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  1. I think the geese were posing for your camera!

    • LOL I like to think so. ;) Of course the backwards over the shoulder “Shit she is still behind us” looks might indicate otherwise! hehe

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