Batten Down the Hatches

The Blizzard is coming!!! LOL this would totally be me if I hadn’t lived in Bavaria Germany for the last 5 years.  Thank gawd I learned to drive in this weather, it doesn’t scare me anymore, but I can remember my first slide on a road while driving.  I sat in the Jeep and shook for about 15 minutes as the locals drove around me honking horns and shaking fists.

I swear last night at the grocery store it was like a blizzard for weeks was coming

I swear last night at the grocery store it was like a blizzard for weeks was coming

I’ve been off the blogosphere for a while.  Not because I don’t love life and what I’m doing but because quite honestly its been pretty intense and sitting down to write has just been that one thing on the plate that I’ve put on hold.   You know, studying, golf because it’s GORGEOUS out lately 9supposed to be back to 60 on Saturday) studying, running, studying, swimming, studying, yoga

I am two months from graduating my FA 53 course, YEA!  Which means I have a CISSP exam (think a 6 hour exam on all security matters Geek) to culminate my training.  As much as I had hoped on getting Microsoft certs, this one is my nemesis and is taking most of my time.  So with that said:

Ah Arnold... yes I will be

Ah Arnold… yes I will be

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  1. Haha! That comic is hilarious!

    Good luck with your exams (if you haven’t already completed them! )

    I completely understand the “I haven’t been able to blog because life is happening” sentiment. That is totally where I am at the moment!

    • I know its crazy when I look back at my blog posts and I’m like when did I find the time?!?! I guess prioritizing and also a blog is supposed to be FUN. If you are in a I have to post mindset, well that’s not fun.

      No still studying for them so thank you!!! I’ll take the wishes. ;)

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