Flashback Thursday

Facebook goes nuts on Thursday with old Flashback photos from friends of mine posting old pics, I love it.  One of my buddies goes way back a lot and posts his photos of when he was a little kid.  I haven’t been able to participate really.

My photos have been in a storage shed in California. :(  When I moved to Germany in 2008, we sold all the furniture and packed up what we needed to ship, and what I couldn’t bear to part with I put in storage.  Funny 5 years later how much easier it was to part with the majority of storage.  When I went home for Thanksgiving, my best friend and a buddy of mine drove over to the storage shed, backed up the truck filled it and gave most of what was in there to Goodwill.  It was actually?  Pretty frigging releasing to just TOSS it.  To know that shed no longer sits there, yea it was sweet to see memories of events or old crap but really?  I have new crap.  It is just – stuff.

But the photos!?  Oh the photos – now I know why women run into their blazing house to grab that family album!  All of mine from a certain point are digital and mostly stored on Shutterfly as a backup.  But certainly not the first 30 years of my LIFE.  Anyway I have begun scanning some of them, mostly what I have are high school photos from those albums, some from middle school, and a bunch from frames that I left to give to Goodwill.

High School Memories, Senior year Tokay High 1989

What a GREAT High School Memory, we were all good friends and the twins took me and my best friend to Senior Prom (Tokay High 1989) we had a limo, drove to Pacific Ave cruising, had a bottle of “Grey Poupon” and just had a fantastic and fun time.

With a snow day yesterday, I found myself sitting with a cup of coffee going through memories.  I know I should have studied, I DID go to the gym (my shoulders today are screaming proof of that) but with photos like THAT to go through?  Oh wow which would you do?

So my walk down memory lane for the moment complete – I’ll leave you with one final giggle.  While I was truly a girl of the 80’s and embraced my hair bear moments of Aqua Net and black eye liner, I also dabbled in the bad girl Metal Moments.  Oh yea, hanging out with the bad boys.  Listening to Metallica, hanging at the park.  Such rebels.  I’m glad I was born in this time.  “Girls Just Wanna Have FUN!”

Girls Just Wanna - oh hell I'm not sure what we were going for.  Metal Girl?

Girls Just Wanna – oh hell I’m not sure what we were going for. Metal Girl?  Iron Maiden Jen? Really?? 

Okay no final hour text saying I can enjoy another snow day.  Time to get to work.
Do you ever step back in time and flip through photo memory lane?
Hoping you enjoy your snow day if you get one!  

About JennyO

Husband and Wife duo. Married since 2007! Best friends we begin our journey together. Enjoy the ride with us!!

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  1. A couple of thoughts … The hair!!! Love it. :) And the Iron Maiden Eddie T-Shirt – Even better than the hair!
    We have been purging here as well over the winter, same story as yours – pack up and move overseas, put stuff into storage. Its amazing what we find. :) Take care today.

    • LOL oooooooooh the HAIR, I thought I responded to you!?! I hate the wordpress app I really do.

      I hope your move is going well!! Yes it is truly amazing what we hang on to!

  2. Wow! I don’t remember seeing that photo!

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