REAL Camping

Floodwood Outpost

No parking issues for this Jeep

Hubster and I decided during our busy ass week that camping and getting away from it all was the plan to run with this weekend.  Really no plan on the ‘where’ but we knew we wanted to be away from it all and have access to a canoe to enjoy the lake. We packed up the Jeep on Friday night and I was surprised to find I was actually awake Saturday morning before him. We took a little time enjoying coffee and scouting out some locations then headed to the “Unicorn” for breakfast before driving off to the Adirondacks.

It was a beautiful day, blue sky with puffy white clouds, the scent of pine started lacing the air as we drove (did I mention we had taken the Jeep down to the topless mode? Love the windy drive). We had decided to go with St. Regis Canoe Outfiters in Saranac that rented canoes and also provided transport if you needed it, and they matched us up with Floodwood Outpost as a lakeside location to pick up our canoe.

Floodwood Outpost

Looking for a good campsite

Floodwood Outpost

The yellow disk marks the spot

It was perfect.  We were able to find a camp site right next to the lake and drop our gear before walking over to pick up our canoe.  I grabbed the water, camera, bug spray and sun screen as Fletch carried the canoe to a drop point at the lakes edge. Thank goodness for our Teva’s as we stepped into the lake and got the canoe floating.   After stepping in and getting settled on the seat with as much grace as I could muster, in just a few paddles we were gliding across the water.

Floodwood Outpost

My man, happy on the water

I had been kayaking on the pond in Rhode Island several times, we’d gone kayaking on a lake in Australia, and also in Thailand.  But the Adirondacks?  Maybe it is just that untouched feeling, or the fact that we only saw maybe five other people out on canoes and kayaks?   There were a few families on the shore camping, but really, just no one to break the silence of the water. Just the sound of your paddles as they glide through the water and maybe splash the surface.

Floodwood Outpost

Hmm are you sure we go through there?

The views were incredible, so many times the lakes surface would be perfectly still, creating a mirror reflection of the trees and clouds in the sky above it.  It was so awe inspiring.   Being in front DH told me to just paddle, either side was fine, he was doing the steering.  Though many times I got a sigh, and “STOP STEERING” as evidently I was trying to be “helpful.”    As we came to a creek, we found the current was going the opposite direction, so as he was steering us and paddling us through I kept having to use the paddle to push away from the large rocks and logs poking out from the banks.   Finally he got out and just pulled the canoe through to a clearing before we continued on our way in a connecting lake.

Floodwood Outpost

Fighting the current

Floodwood Outpost

Not quite fantasy island

As we paddled out in the open lake, a look to the left and right gave us a bit of a choice, DH said based on the map we would need to go to the left.  I spotted a really cool rock island to the right I wanted to explore.  So we went to the right.  As we approached the smooth boulder surface, a seagul landed on a small boulder top breaking the water surface and started angrily squalling at us.  Seeing as it was the only inhabitant to be seen, we ignored his angry squack and pulled up to the island.   Pulling the canoe up a bit onto the bank we got out and climbed to the top.  It wasn’t much of an island but it was still pretty neat to be on.

Floodwood Outpost

Yup one of only TWO people on this island

On our return we were very glad to have the Garmin, DH had created a “way point” in the Garmin to mark our entry into the water.  Looking at the Garmin it looked like we had actually passed our campsite, but in fact, zooming in closer we found we were on the opposite side of the peninsula and we needed to go back.   Believe me by then, we had been out in the water for about 3 hours? A tree was a tree, there were a few visual markers that we had used on our return, but it didn’t help us to take a right at the peninsula point not the left we ended up going down.

Floodwood Outpost

The sun reflecting on the still water

Sitting silently at a “dead end” I meekly asked “We have to paddle back??” to which my DH replied, well you can stay here but the beer is back that way.  He’s adorable, and I must admit, motivating.  After some paddling ( at one point I was paddling pretty hard hoping to help speed us up? But almost tipped us over by leaning to hard to the left!!) we were back to the point and rounded it to return to camp.

By that point we were both pretty hungry, starting a fire and getting our camp stove going were priority number one. DH went and got the Jeep from the park lot and pulled it closer to our site. Bringing with him a rescue turtle from the road.

Floodwood Outpost

Why hello buddy!

Floodwood Outpost

The beginnings of a perfect fire

We placed the turtle near a tree at our site and there it sat for quite some time as we set about getting our site settled in. Hubby played lumber jack with a hatchet from his emergency kit in the Jeep and shortly after had a small fire going in the pit the NY Parks have at their sites.

Floodwood Outpost

Come to life

Floodwood Outpost

Marshmallow time

The campsites down this way are few and far apart, no neighbors can be heard. I have to admit in our 7 years of marriage, DH has tried to get me to camp at a spot like this, no electricity, no wi-fi (GASP!!) , no running water, and I’ve resisted. But as I set up, I had to admit, how much I loved it.   We are enjoying the heat from the fire, my feet are finally dry, and I have my Teva’s propped up to dry the straps.   The Mosquitos are out in FULL force. The sound of their buzzing can be quite distracting thank goodness for “Deet” or I’d be a 3 course meal to a mosquito family I am sure.

Floodwood Outpost


Time to put on a few layers for some warmth and enjoy the fire and time chatting with my man, as the wolf (or coyote maybe?) howls in beautiful song, we even heard another respond.  Other sounds grew as the sun set:: a bird sings a 3 tone cry, bullfrogs in the lake make their deep base BAHhh-ROoomp call. Its lovely to just enjoy the sounds of nature as the sun has dropped from the sky and the moon pulls up.

An enjoyable treat, roasting marshmallows over the campfire.  I learnt my husband knows the
perfect recipe for heating them up and getting them just ooey gooey toasted perfection. 

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