Happy 4th on the 5th

I have been busy once again – not connected to the net. I pushed pics on FB and Instagram but honestly spent my time biking, golfing, diving, and swimming! It was a fabulous break from work which has been traveling at warp speed. I’ve been trying to keep up reading some of my favorite WordPress posts as well as actually finishing my first book of the summer!

I will settle in and write up a few of my adventures this week but for now? I’m off to golf and enjoy the wonderful weather that we are having. We spent our 4th of July driving home from RI away from the Hurricane thunderstorms created so we could enjoy the sunny golf courses here at home. I hope you all had a fabulous day of celebration, and while you enjoy your BBQ’s and fireworks, remember why we celebrate.


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About JennyO

Husband and Wife duo. Married since 2007! Best friends we begin our journey together. Enjoy the ride with us!!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed your time off. You deserve it! Looking foward to hearing about your adventures…

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