Clammin and a Heavy Bike Ride

So after a fun weekend with the cottages filled with family, we awoke Monday morning to a silent still that normally doesn’t happen. This would be an unusual week, a quiet week. So to start our morning out right? My Hubster taught me to go CLAMMIN!

What is this you say? WELL… you put on a dive mask and snorkel, make sure you are wearing some beach shoes/ Teva’s to protect your feet, put a bag on your chest to put the clams in and walk into the pond. The tide was coming in so we went out about to waist level. Here hubby gave me instructions, you put your face in the water and scan the bottom of the pond. Finding a few shells you should move around rocks and generally paw the ground like a dog digging a hole stirring up the bottom of the pond and revealing the hidden clam shells.

Watch Hill Bike

I couldn’t believe the number of little crab doing their side scuttle to get away from me as I pawed at the floor of the pond, stirring up the sand and debri. A few sad little clam shells later I unearthed a nice big group of rather large shells! VICTORY! I stood up all proud of myself to find my husband bent over pawing away at another spot. I started walking about with my face in the water, being pushed over a few times with the tide. One time as I pawed away I pulled up a clam to find a crab clinging to it with one claw while the other waved about at me in anger! “MY CLAM!” he seemed to say. Dropping the shell I found myself almost laughing into my snorkel as I moved onto bigger and better clams.

Yup, these were all mine!

Yup, these were all mine!

Watch Hill Bike

We had a pretty successful haul, even found an old trap someone had placed a bunch of clam shells to lure in lobsters.

Watch Hill Bike

See how clear the water is? It was amazing how much visibility we noticed with the ocean this visit.

The rest of the day was spent riding our bikes up to Watch Hill… 7 miles and I have no idea what went wrong with my brakes but I couldn’t catch a break.  I had issues shifting my bike felt like I was dragging a 25 pound weight behind me.  I couldn’t get any speed.  As we came into Watch Hill my legs were burning.  I was so greatful to park my bike and have DH ask me if I wanted ice cream… YES!  As I finished off my water bottle (I really need to get two bottles attached to my bike).

My little Vespa parking companion

My little Vespa parking companion

Watch Hill Bike

Happily enjoying a black rasberry yogurt freeze!

Watch Hill Bike

The most amazing boats dock here.

Watch Hill Bike

My DH swears this indian man sat in a different part of the park when he was a kid, wish I’d grabbed a snap from the family album of my hubby as a little kid with this guy.

So after enjoying our refreshing treat, we used my cell to Google a local bike shop and found Brumble Bikes in Westerly. If you ever need your bike repaired and you are in that area? YOU must go. These gents are great. Amos really knew his stuff and was able to fix my brakes while I waited. The shifting of gears? I road my bike home – another frustrating 7 mile adventure, while I was surprising DH with my increase in speed I was still irritated to have some of my gears just never catch. I called Amos when I got back to the point and scheduled to bring my bike back and drop it off for full repairs. Yes they were that good. All in all the 3 rides were approximately 7 miles each, 21 miles total in a day. Not bad. My back was a little toasty, my legs a little jelly, but it was awesome to ride with the salt air.

On the way back to the cottages, I had an amazing moment happen.  As I was peddling, this little baby deer (A DOE!) jumped out of the bushes in front of me.  The sweetest facial expression and all gangly legs awkward as she sat there, I slowed down making eye contact with her as she peered up at me … I swear I could hear “Are you my Mommy?!?”  As she gazed, then the recognition that I was not one of her bunch as she startled and bounded back into the brush.  So STINKING CUTE!  But it was one of those life slow motion moments, and as I sped up I realized I had tears in my eyes.  I LOVE my life.

Baby Deer face off by: Dpspiderman :Friday April 27, 2007

Baby Deer face off by: Dpspiderman :Friday April 27, 2007

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