Campsite for Two

Canoe Camping

Just what you need… yes that includes wine!

So we rented a canoe from the Ft Drum MWR ($25 for the weekend as opposed to $126 from the canoe place here at Floodwood Pond). Well we are actually right at the moment as I type at Little Square Pond. We decided to pack up the canoe with the basic camping gear:

- Tent
– Air Mattress (Oh yea, that’s a basic!)
– Sleeping bags
– Beach Towels
– Cooler with beer/ wine and food to grill
– Coleman Propane grill (It’s really a cute little round grill)
– Bag with dry goods, plates, silverware and a skillet
– My camera backpack with tripod

Canoe Camping

Approaching a foot bridge

And we loaded that all in a canoe and paddled out to find a campsite on one of the islands. Only as we came up to the first island that was supposed to have two campsites, we found it was already home to tents and canoes that had staked their claim before us. We continued onto a little island that the map that had one camp spot noted, only that too had a tent already popped up. Zigzagging a course and following the campsite map we found that the Adirondacks were now pulling people in who like us? Wanted to get away from it all.

Canoe Camping

Parking the canoe on our little piece of land

Several times we would pause on the paddling and just listen. Listen to the silence, the sound of a bird, or the wind ruffling the water. It was tranquil, yet we were getting a little frustrated and worried we had maybe expected the isolated location to be as devoid of people as it had been the last adventure here.

Canoe Camping

Water Lilies had taken over the still corners

Canoe Camping

SO Excited I saw this old man, a snapping turtle as big as my DH’s chest! Must have been a few years old :)

Pushing on through a creek that separates Floodwood and Little Square we came to a peninsula spot that was full of people stopping for a snack, but they were not staying the night! Hubby wasn’t thrilled about the high traffic location, and the hike path that in the morning might see a fair number of people hiking out. So while we knew it was an option we went to check out two more sites that were on Little Square.

Turning right, we saw a bolder, and getting closer realized a nice flat area above it had a fire pit, it was one of the sites, and nobody had popped up their camp site yet. Dropping me at the site to check out an area for the tent, Hubby paddled on one more site to verify

Canoe Camping

DH coming back from his recon

Pause in the night for the sounds of a critter tramping through the brush….

while I wandered about, then came back and sat on a rock, just enjoying the view. Ten minutes later I saw him paddling back, the site next to us was occupied so we were staying with this one.

It really was a great site, a little further than we wanted. Of course probably not as much of an issue till we found we had left the axe / shovel kit in the Jeep so we needed to set up our site then paddle back. Taking less time going back as we didn’t need to stop and check out campsites, a little wind picked up but it seemed only to clear the sky a bit and let the sun shine through.

Canoe Camping

Cooking some bratwurst on our little propane grill. Oh look, my wine!

When we returned to our site, the wind stilled, and our campfire took quickly. Dinner was pretty tasty and so is my wine. The coyotes are going crazy, yammering away at each other, it almost sounds like a pack of pups (DH just said maybe a pack where Mom & Dad just got back with their dinner).

Canoe Camping

Enjoying the view, no real sunset just a dimming of the lights

Canoe Camping


The silence settles as the campfire pops. So much better than one of those campsites filled to capacity with conversations all around you, I’m so glad to have finally embraced letting go of the need to have all the frills, and just enjoy the beauty of nature … and this guy ;)

Canoe Camping

Enjoying our company getting ready to roast marshmallows

I must have sat on the boulder for thirty minutes, just watching how the water stilled as the wind stopped, crystallizing the reflection of the trees. No words, no phone. Just the silence as nature put on a beautiful show for us.

Canoe Camping

Just… be.

Canoe Camping

Shadow reflections

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  1. I sure do miss the perks from MWR. The country is so beautiful in upstate NY.

    • Yes! I was quite impressed with what the MWR has available, we might even take a pontoon out soon for a dive & boat day. :D It really is beautiful here, I have thoroughly enjoyed our first summer.

      • Tell us how much you enjoy the winters!! lol Glad you are enjoying your tour there. As I always told young military wives, your experience in each place is what you make it. Each state has so much to offer – one thing I do miss about the military.

      • :) I know right?? I’ve totally loved the summer here, we will see how I adapt to the snowy winter! I’m glad you motivated other wives, it breaks my heart to hear someone bad mouth a place then when you dig you realize they never tried to find anything to like about it.

        I plan on learning to snow mobile and cross country ski this winter. Stay tuned ;)


      • Snow mobiles and skiing is definitely big in that neck of the woods. Can’t wait to see your pictures.I think my attitude came from being raised in the Army, my dad always made each move seem like an adventure.

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