Take a Pause

Things have been busy and trucking along at an Autobahn pace (If you have never driven in Germany?  Interpret this to mean: You are flying down the freeway at 115mph, then the cars in front of you start stacking up as you enter a dropped speed, next thing you know your flying again!)  So yes, life is a series of ebbs and flows.  Last weekend was a very much needed disconnect.  I know I wrote in my “Canoe Camping” post:

I must have sat on the boulder for thirty minutes, just watching how the water stilled as the wind stopped, crystallizing the reflection of the trees. No words, no phone. Just the silence as nature put on a beautiful show for us.

But I don’t think that truly captured what that moment meant for me.  For me to just sit?  To just be?  Has always been an effort in futility.

Canoe Camping

Simply Reflect

To be still and reflect isn’t something that we are good at anymore.  I know when I say we – there are those out there that are going “Oh no, I’m good at that” – but really, a large group of us has become “Twitchy.”   Our reading consists of quick summaries, photos instead of words, a video no longer than three minutes.   We can’t even wait for an appointment without pulling out our “Smart” phones to scroll through the latest Social Media posts or catch up on news.

I’ve been in class this week, getting some much needed reminders about hacking techniques, and one of the interesting things I realized in the “Social Engineering” portion of the class was how unaware we are of our environment now. We don’t look around to see who is looking at us.

Well hello JennyO – can you explain to me how you went from being able to sit still to social engineering?

Yes following my thought train can be a bit like trying to find how to untangle your headphone wires. You follow a wire only to find it doesn’t end where you thought it is and pops up in another knot of wires … yea I think you get the visual.

So its like this: If we do not pay attention to our surroundings, experience most of our moments on a screen, and lose the ability to interact face to face?   How do we cope with interacting with just ourselves?   How do you know how to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses if you can’t take that pause and seek to search out those trails of thoughts?   Why are you feeling sad?   How do you savor the moments of joy? What is the real reason you are angry with your friend?

Canoe Camping

Being alone is a beautiful thing

And no, I don’t have the answers to all of these questions. But to attempt to come to some sort of conclusion; what I found in those moments of still, the time where I just sat by myself without anything to read or anyone to text, was a wonderful moment of clarity. Of realizing my surroundings, of hearing my breath, of feeling the tensions in my face let go. What I had in that moment of clarity was the realization that as much as I say I’m trying to live in the now, I’m rarely giving it the attention it deserves.  What I had in the moment in the classroom in watching non-technical hacking techniques is that I rarely pay attention to my surroundings anymore.

So here is to giving the now some attention. What do you think? Do you realize your surroundings? Do you pay attention to who approaches you or what people ask or how they are behaving around you? Do you take a pause to reflect on how you are feeling and how that is making you behave?

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  1. I try to pay attention to all of it. To notice what’s happening around me and inside. Sometimes it works. Other times not. But it’s those moments of clarity, like you wrote about, that give me the boost to keep trying. I always fall off track and get too busy, too distracted and disconnected (from too much plugging in), but it’s the ability to notice when it happens, and to keep trying that sets me back on my path.

    • Noticing when it happens – so very true. Thank you for sharing, nice to know I’m not the only one that “falls off the wagon” :)


  2. I admit I am the worst for not paying attention to what is happening around me because I’m lost in my own head-space. This morning I was running in an unfamiliar area and had to FORCE myself to pay attention to my surroundings so I wouldn’t get lost.

    • I know I have the same problem. I just keep reminding myself every day. Somedays I succeed ;) But yes – you should NOT get lost on a run :) Though what adventure that might lead to right??

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